Sasha Wass QC

Sasha Wass has over 33 years’ experience at the Criminal Bar. She has both defended and prosecuted in numerous cases of complex fraud, international money laundering, murder and serious sexual misconduct. She has a particular interest in cases where scientific and medical evidence is disputed, such as allegations of “Shaken Baby Syndrome” and unexplained deaths in infants. She has successfully defended cases involving medical malpractice. Recent notable cases include the prosecution of children’s entertainer, Rolf Harris; rogue trader Kweku Adoboli, responsible for largest British banking fraud $2.3bn; the ex-Nigerian State Governor, James Ibori and associates; serial killer, Rosemary West and financier, Roger Levitt.

St Helena Abuse Inquiry

The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Mr Philip Hammond, has announced that Sasha Wass QC will lead the St Helena Child Abuse Inquiry. These allegations involve claims in the British Overseas Territory of St Helena relating to child abuse, police corruption and incompetence and a conspiracy by the St Helena Government, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department of International Developments to cover these up.

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