Wass Inquiry Cover Up Scandal – EXPOSED


REVEALED: Substantial links between Sasha Wass QC, the Judge heading up the Wass Inquiry into child abuse in St Helena and co-conspirator in cover up – the Department for International Development

In November 2014, the British Foreign Secretary, Phillip Hammond appointed UK barrister, Sasha Wass QC to head up an independent Inquiry to investigate claims of extensive child sexual abuse on the Island of St Helena, a UK Territory.

The Foreign Secretary established this judge led Inquiry – The Wass Inquiry, to investigate the allegations, after whistle-blowers Martin Warsama and Claire Gannon exposed child exploitation on the Island.

It was also claimed that both, the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) had plotted to cover up exceptionally grave child abuse allegations.

A significant part of Wass QC’s remit has been to examine the failings of DFID and the FCO but also the extent of their complicity in the ensuing cover up scandal.

The Inquiry is also to consider police corruption and incompetence.

At the time, categorical representations were made by Hammond to Parliament and publically of the Inquiry’s complete independence. It has now been revealed that Sasha Wass QC has a significant long standing professional relationship with DFID and the FCO.

Sasha Wass QC hid her relationship with DFID

Sasha Wass QC hid her relationship with DFID

In a shocking discovery, Sasha Wass QC has been and continues to be instructed by DFID in the controversial 8 year long prosecution of Nigerian Governor James Ibori, as its principle advisor and lead prosecutor.

It is understood that Ms Wass and a colleague, Esther Shutzer-Weissman have worked exclusively for DFID and implemented DFID’s UK and international political agenda in its prosecution of Ibori and others since 2008.

Despite being aware of this compromising relationship, Sasha Wass QC openly made numerous bold representations to the Island’s abused victims and the UK media of being completely independent.

DFID and FCO officials would have been aware of Wass QC’s close ties.

DFID is believed to have spent some £40m of UK aid designated funds on the complex and wide-ranging Ibori prosecution. Ms Wass appears to have kept hidden her close relationship with the parties she is now seemingly investigating.

Court documents within the Ibori proceedings accuse Wass QC of serious dishonesty and professional misconduct.

One particular aspect relates to the withholding of significant information as to DFID’s complicit involvement through its subsidiary CDC Plc, which has been implicated in a number of scandals within the Ibori case.

Concerns have also been raised surrounding Ms Wass’s actual expertise in dealing with child abuse matters and the veracity of her claims of judicial experience.

Ms Wass’s appointment appears to be part of yet a further deliberately orchestrated conspiracy designed to prejudice abused victims and mislead the public.

This latest revelation gravely questions the integrity of Sasha Wass QC and the Wass Inquiry.

Wass QC’s direct irreconcilable ties with those she is tasked to investigate makes a shambolic and dishonest mockery of the independent Inquiry.

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